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York documentary wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Becki, a northern-based wedding and family photographer.I live in the beautiful city of York, with my partner, our two children and my awesome French Bulldog cross Pug, Freddie! (If you are imagining a dog with very big googly eyes, you are spot on.) Some things I love: family time, all things vintage, country walks, eating chocolate and exploring as much of this big wide world as humanly possible.

I created All You Need is Love Photography back in 2013 after getting married myself. I fell in love with anything wedding-related and I didn’t want that to stop when my wedding was over. So I took my lifelong hobby and began turning it into my own business. My Dad has always been my inspiration when it comes to photography, from buying me my first camera, to influencing the name I picked. My sisters and I grew up listening to the Beatles on our frequent car journeys to Liverpool, visiting the relatives. When thinking of a name for what I do, All You Need is Love seemed to say it all.

My style and how I work 

Natural – Documentary – Creative – Fun 

I love what I do and that’s important to me. Being enthusiastic means I will work hard to blow your socks off. My approach is to be a friend and blend in with your loved ones so they are comfortable with me and my camera. Thats how I get the natural shots. Being helpful and friendly gets you everywhere, and it’s not hard work to be kind. So uncle Bob knows he can:-

A – tap me on the shoulder and ask for a photo with his favorite Grandson;

B – forget my name and know I’m not offended by being called photographer lady; or,

C – know as soon as he takes his tie off and puts it on his head, I’ll be there in a flash.

I will help direct any group photos you like, politely and efficiently. Your day will fly by, so you don’t want to waste any of it by shouting at each other to get in line. Photos can be so much fun, so thats how we will do it. I will steal you away for a few moments on your own and we will get some awesome portraits of you both. Then, if you choose to keep me around for the evening, I will dance the night away with you guys and get some fabulous dancefloor shots.

If you want to know more, or have any questions at all, just drop me a message.

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