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My Favourite Things

York family pet photography
York family pet photography
York family pet photography

Hi, I’m Becki,

I’ve been a wedding and family photographer since 2013, and I love my job.

Family is super important to me. My partner and I have two girls – Cassidy (15) and Darcey (9), as well as our Frenchie/Pug cross Freddie. We love the great outdoors – exploring, camping, wild swimming and having family BBQs.

Travelling is my absolute favourite thing! Whether off the beaten track in a far flung destination, or exploring the countryside in a vintage T25 VW Camper. I love being out and about, having new experiences and making new memories. My favourite countries are India and Canada, and closer to home I love the Scottish wilderness.

I’m an adrenaline junkie, and love skiing, scuba diving, mountain climbing and wild camping.

Being creative isn’t limited to photography, I’ve had a lifelong passion for arts and culture. I love fashion, furniture, art galleries, and interior design. My house is filled with 1920’s furniture to reflect its history. My garden is my sanctuary, and I love the ever-changing colours, perfumes, and wildlife.

I’m an animal lover and vegan, and love finding creative recipes and new vegan restaurants and cafes.

Now you know all about me, I’d love to hear about you and your favourite things…