Wedding Confetti

February 20, 2019

Tolbat Hotel Malton Wedding

Simple tips and tricks for finding the best confetti.

Quantity, quality and colour are key.

There are lots of things to consider when you are planning your wedding confetti. The first question is, will you be buying your own, or leaving it up to your guests to bring? If you want your confetti to match or creatively clash with the colours of your wedding then you should consider providing your own. It’s one big step towards creating an epic confetti photo to hang on your wall.

Confetti that matches the vibes of your day can be spectacular. For example, if you are getting hitched in December, or you are Narnia mad, why not have fake snow like this awesome pair? The number one rule with confetti is always check with your venue. Some do have strict rules about what type of confetti you can toss around the place.

If your ceremony is in a quaint village church, natural petals really go with that look. These are naturally dried petals. You can use freeze dried or fresh petals too. The colours can really pack a punch against the church backdrop, especially pinks. If there is any moisture in the air, you might want to avoid anything with colour that might stain your outfits.

Coloured tissue paper confetti can also look super lovely against the historical brick of your church. My advice is, check with your vicar.
Some have exact spots where they like this to happen, to make it easier to tidy up. Sometimes it’s outside the gates or on the path and not on the grass. Most of them will allow anything that will disappear. You can get loads of different biodegradable and Eco friendly stuff now. You can even get confetti that disintegrates when it rains. Mind blowing!

Mini, handheld confetti cannons are amazing. They create good coverage and fall. But, they are pretty loud and if you don’t know it’s coming, well it can make you jump, putting it mildly. They basically sound like a gunshot. The guys above had no idea. They went with freeze-dried pink rose petals. But their bridesmaid had other plans, with this awesome little hand cannon containing gold confetti.

Confetti doesn’t have to be limited to a daytime activity. Bright coloured paper cannons are amazing on the dancefloor. You can also hire confetti cannons for the dancefloor, making your first dance even more spectacular. Or there are these handheld cannons from Tesco.

I can almost guarantee your guests will love the chance to cover you in paper, petals or whatever else you let them throw at you. There is also nearly always one cheeky guest that cannot help themselves and will either stuff handfuls down your shirt or tip a whole heap down your cleavage.

You don’t have to use paper or petals, for a less messy and equally fun alternative, try bubbles. This is great for venues that don’t allow any confetti.

I find that bright colored, red or dark pink petals really show up well on images. Freeze dried petals keep all their colour. If you try to dry them yourself, you might find some types of flowers don’t do so well and can go brown or a yucky yellow. If you want to do homemade confetti, do a test run with plenty of time in case it goes wrong.

Make sure you have plenty to go round. Also, if you want to avoid eating it, you can always lock lips with each other.

Your confetti photos can double up as your group shot if you don’t do it straight after the ceremony when you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds. I love getting all the guests involved. You get a great image of them pulling the best faces.

Another tip, give your photographer a heads up if you have a specific shot you want to try and achieve.

Then, all that’s left is to enjoy the moment. The main reason why I love confetti at weddings is the pure joy on the couples face and awesome photos it can create.

If you have any questions about confetti itself or how to make sure you get an epic photo, just pop a comment below or get in touch.