Planning Group Photos at Your Wedding

February 20, 2019

Should I have ‘arranged’ group photos on my wedding day?

This is a question I get asked a lot by my fabulous couples. So, I wanted to give you an insight into how I work ‘staged’ photos at a wedding.

I am all about the real moments and the candid shots. I love documenting things as the happen, being sociable, polite, (maybe even funny) yet unobstructive and ninja like.

This works like a dream for 90% of most wedding days, whatever your wedding vibe. But it’s also super important to lots of couples to have some family and friend photos. Or for some, they might be the ones you feel you have to have to keep your Grandma happy, I get that. But they really can be so much fun, like all the other moments of your day, you can look forward to them.

I usually ask a few days before, if you can jot down a few key groups you would like to get. Then on the day, with the help of your most confident guest, I’ll arrange them like an energetic sheepdog rounding up a herd. It’s organised, it looks awesome and it can be hilarious.

My advice is to try keep your list to around 5-6. We can add a few variations and impromptu groups along the way. Think big group shot of everyone, maybe tied in with the confetti. Then families on either side. Next, all the ‘bridal’ party, basically anyone you have dressed in matching gear, for example, bridesmaids, bridesmen, bestman, bestwoman. Then all of your gangs on either side, individually.

Of course this is a loose guide and your group shots might be totally different, you might just want you and your pet pooch.

Good looking photos! Now I don’t know about you, but I think having lots of lineup shots isn’t very pleasing on the eye. I like to create group shots that look aesthetically pleasing. I would give you some guidance on where to stand or position yourselves and then the rest is up to you.

You can pinch each others bums, look down the camera lens like it’s your passport photo, or just do it all. It’s digital, so I’m sure your photographer will keep clicking as long as you are happy – I do. It’s nice to have a few funny shots and some more grown up family snaps for the parents mantelpiece.

And whatever you do, don’t panic about the weather. If it’s raining we will ace your group shots inside.

Also, if you are getting married in winter and you run out of sunlight, flash lighting is king!

If you have any questions about your arranged group shots, please leave a comment or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.