The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

December 18, 2018

Fun York Wedding Photographer

The best way to end your wedding day, is with the party of all parties. It’s that time of the day, where the bubbly has gone to your head, the beat kicks in, volume is up, hair is down and the shoes have been ditched under a chair somewhere. This is the time to rock your wedding! 

Of course the music is pretty crucial at this point. You need those head banging, dancefloor fillers to get everyone tearing up the dancefloor. So here are my….

5 top tips to set your wedding party on fire.

1 – Hire a pro! Get a DJ or live band that knows their stuff. Even better, get a DJ with a Sax player to get everyone on their feet. I highly recommend Jonny Ross Music.

2 – Be true to yourselves, add all those guilty pleasures to your playlist. Mine has to be Chesney Hawkes – ‘I am the one and only’.

3 – “I promise to dance if you play….” Ask your guests for their favorite PARTY song on your invites. Yes there will be some truly terrible suggestions and you don’t need to add them all. But I bet there will be some beauties you’ve not even thought of. 

4 – Timing is everything. If you are planning a first dance, this is the time when all your guests are on, or around the dancefloor. Pick a song everyone can jump in on half way through. Maybe even mix your song up and go uptempo midway. More importantly get straight in there with the ultimate banger to follow it. Do not let anyone leave the dancefloor. 

5 – Love the camera and dance like your life depends on it!  Hire a photographer that wants to capture all the fun of your wedding party. My full day packages are unlimited hours, because I love getting loads of awesome party shots. Or you can get a load of wind up, old school film cameras and hand them out on the dancefloor. I’m sure your local Boots would have a ball developing them for you. 

So, here are a few of my favorite wedding dancefloor songs to get you started. And, some of my favorite dancefloor photos from 2018.

Avicii – Levels (amazing with sax!)

Snap! – Rhythm is a Dancer

House of Pain – Jump Around

The Killers – Mr Brightside

Momford & Sons – I Will Wait

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

The Beatles – Hey Jude

Tina Turner – Proud Mary 

Salt & Pepa – Push It

Prince – Kiss

Aerosmith – Walk This Way

Donna Summer – Bad Girl

I would love to hear what your favorite dance floor song is. Hit the comment button below and let me know.


I love a good cheesy boy band song…anything by Take That will do!! 🙂